Gaming fantasy / LitRPG / vrmmo – need your help!

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Gaming fantasy / LitRPG / vrmmo – need your help!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Simon. And I work for publisher which is about to start translating books to German.

Mainly we're making projects with, what we call it, LitRPG genre. Those books merge traditional book-style narration with elements of a gaming experience, describing various quests, achievements and other events typical of a video game. The defining feature that sets LitRPG fiction apart from traditional portal fantasy is its use of interactive gaming language, such as the inclusion of various system messages, players' stats, items' characteristics and other elements appreciated by gamers.

That genre came from Asia (South Korea was the first one) to Russia. “LitRPG” is the name of popular Russian publishing project. The genre then migrated to America and they call it vrmmo (virtual reality + mmorpg).

We’ve got many readers from Germany but those are an English-reading readers. And I wonder, are there people reading that genre in German? Have you ever read such fiction? What are you call that genre? Are there famous authors of that genre in Germany? Are there paper LitRPG books or only self-publishing texts?

The irony of all this is that I want opinion of German speaking people in the first place and yet I’m asking them in English :? But still I appreciate very much if you answer some of those questions.

Thank you!

If anybody is interested I can also answer questions about LitRPG, Russian or American bookmarket, sci-fi, fantasy etc.